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Anyone who runs a small website has gone through the process of trying to find a hosting provider. If you’re really going to do it right, and research all of the possible providers, this can be a daunting task. I actually busted out a full spreadsheet, listing services, pros, cons, prices, etc when I did a recent hosting change. After all of this, I settled on Site5.

I’m not sure where to start here, because basically, I like everything about Site5. When you’re comparing the traits of a hosting provider, almost all of them are extremely similar. Unlimited storage & bandwidth, automatic installs of free software and on and on. So what made me choose these guys?

Ease of usability, attention to interface

Well, right off the bat, it was the attention they paid to their site design and interface. Coming from using GoDaddy, I know how awful managing a website can be when the interface is massively cluttered. I had been with them for YEARS, and I would still get confused any time I logged in to make some changes. I have nothing but thoughts of dread when I think about their layout and options all hitting me at once. I’d hit certain options, and wind up on another site in a new window…which always came without warning. I understand that there are hundreds of options you can change, but please, find a way to organize!

Site5 does everything right in this regard. Managing any aspect of your site is a breeze. The design and layout are clean, so finding what you need is never a painful process. It’s what you’d expect from a professional company. Someone spent time laying out these options, and didn’t just slap them all in the admin, as they were built.

Quick customer service that feels real

I’ve been through 3 site migrations with Site5 so far, as well as some other technical issues, and every time I’ve had a great experience. I open a ticket, and get a response from an actual person. The email even has their picture, and a link to their profile. Having read a few of these, I can tell you that they are filled with the sort of random details and traits of actual geeky people. No matter how hard they try, companies can never fake this stuff. This is the real deal, and their staff is fantastic and very helpful. Seeing their actual photo & bio really brings an edge to the service which makes me feel like I’m being treated as a priority, rather than just another ticket. Nice job guys!

Service that delivers as it should, no hidden bottlenecks

I don’t mean to keep picking on GoDaddy, buuuuut, well I hate them. Let me explain. I set up a very basic site which was just static HTML/CSS several years ago. It always ran fast and rock solid. Ok, no problems with GoDaddy at that point. Then I moved on to running some extremely simple Drupal and WordPress sites. When I say ‘simple’, I mean about 10 posts each. For whatever reason, GoDaddy’s hosting would chug on these, sometimes actually timing out my browser. The next day, it would be fast. Day after that, super slow again. Being that the static site always ran fast, I believe the issue is that GoDaddy gets such a high volume of business that they must have too many sites per server, resulting in a large number of database hits, which causes a high CPU load. Static sites just need to serve the page, and not process anything.

Anyway, I don’t know how or why, but Site5 does it right. I’m paying for a shared account, just like on GoDaddy, and all of my stuff runs lightening fast. What’s the catch? I pay $8.95 a month instead of $7.99. Yup, I pay 96 cents more, and get service that’s about 10x better. Simple math in my book. So if you’re in the market for some awesome hosting, just use Site5. They really seem to have it covered from not just the technical aspect, but the personal one as well.

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