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Netflix “Watch Instantly” website redesign is a step in the wrong direction

Netflix unleashed a partial redesign this past Wednesday, most notably their entire “Watch Instantly” section, and it’s fairly easy to say that it hasn’t been well received by their user base. As of this writing, there are 3,880 comments on the official blog announcement, and most of them are pretty negative. Now that I’ve had a chance to give the new design and functionality a good test drive, I have to admit that I absolutely […]


Netflix App Review for HTC Droid Incredible

Finally, the Netflix App for Android is here! Android phone users have waited quite a while for this to happen. I know that personally, I was getting tired of my iPhone using friends bragging about how they had the Netflix App for quite some time now, and I didn’t. We’re even now though! Well, sort of. There some controversy with this App, because it’s release for Android is incredibly limited. If you have one of […]


Netflix, please get some new content to stream, and stop messing with the stuff you do have


I’ve been a Netflix fan for a long time. When it first came out, I was on the 3-disc plan, and loved it for several years. I had a lot of free time back then, so I’d be able to watch them immediately, and see a ton of movies for a ridiculously cheap price. Then they came out with ‘Watch Instantly’, which lets you stream movies instantly without waiting for the disc to get mailed […]