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Lenovo U410 Ultrabook Review

It was finally time to get a new laptop, and I now find myself typing on a Lenovo IdeaPad, the 14″ u410. This is considered an Ultrabook, which I think is some sort of official term that Intel came up with. It basically means powerful, and yet slim and sexy. After using this thing for about a week solid now, I think I’d have to agree. This is a ‘real world’ review, based upon the […]


Spotify App data usage on Android


I finally got around to testing the Spotify app for Android. I am a heavy user of the desktop version, so I was expecting a lot. I really have to admit, I have been extremely impressed. It’s slick, has most of the features from the desktop version, and the usability seems top notch. You can play your radio stations for free, and if you pay for the premium version, you can even download your playlists […]


Pandora App Review – Data Usage Test


It was recently announced that Verizon is ending its unlimited data plan. Starting July 7th, instead of ‘all you can eat’, you’ll be getting 2GB for $30. While 2GB might seem like a lot to some, if you’re a heavy streaming app user, you might find yourself paying overage charges if you’re not careful. One of the major causes of this may be Pandora. For the most part, everyone loves Pandora. I personally know several […]


Netflix “Watch Instantly” website redesign is a step in the wrong direction

Netflix unleashed a partial redesign this past Wednesday, most notably their entire “Watch Instantly” section, and it’s fairly easy to say that it hasn’t been well received by their user base. As of this writing, there are 3,880 comments on the official blog announcement, and most of them are pretty negative. Now that I’ve had a chance to give the new design and functionality a good test drive, I have to admit that I absolutely […]


Security Matters: How I keep my PC safe from malware and viruses

I take computer security fairly seriously. The worst possible computer problem I can imagine is getting my data stolen or destroyed. Bank logins, retirement accounts, thousands of photos & videos, tax returns and other personal information are all sitting on my computer. If my little fortress of data were to be compromised, I would be devastated. On top of that, my wife would probably kill me. So the only thing to do is stay secure. […]


Who to trust, when even a big name like Sony lets the info of 77 million people get stolen?

UPDATE:Unbelievable, Sony announced that ANOTHER 24.7 million accounts were compromised, including 12,700 credit card numbers. This time, all from Sony Online Entertainment servers. — I’m sure everyone has heard the news by now that the PlayStation Network was hacked, and as a result, data from 77 million accounts has been stolen. Yes, 77 million, it’s insane. Don’t worry too much though, only 10 million of those users may have had their credit card information stolen. […]


Site5 Hosting – I know quality when I see it!

Anyone who runs a small website has gone through the process of trying to find a hosting provider. If you’re really going to do it right, and research all of the possible providers, this can be a daunting task. I actually busted out a full spreadsheet, listing services, pros, cons, prices, etc when I did a recent hosting change. After all of this, I settled on Site5. I’m not sure where to start here, because […]


Netflix, please get some new content to stream, and stop messing with the stuff you do have


I’ve been a Netflix fan for a long time. When it first came out, I was on the 3-disc plan, and loved it for several years. I had a lot of free time back then, so I’d be able to watch them immediately, and see a ton of movies for a ridiculously cheap price. Then they came out with ‘Watch Instantly’, which lets you stream movies instantly without waiting for the disc to get mailed […]


Digital media statistics are finally starting to matter


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Ebooks can no longer be denied. Their sales speak for themselves, as Amazon recently reported that it sells more ebooks than printed books. Even The New York Times admits they must now be recognized alongside traditional books on their bestseller lists. This is all part of the transition of traditional media accepting the new digital age.